From the monthly archives: February 2015

With open space plans being adopted by companies such as American Express, Deloitte—and famously Google, Yahoo, and Facebook, workspace configuration has become a hot topic. Companies may be looking at the open space configuration as a means to increase interaction and productivity, as well as positively impact company culture, retention, and recruitment. Click Continue Reading

It’s no longer fashionable to hate the cubicle. The hot new trend is to bash the open office. It seems like every week there’s a new thinkpiece arguing that the trend towards more open- office layouts in American businesses is bad. Not just bad. Terrible. Literally, the worst thing ever. Enough is enough! Continue Reading

… it’s always good to be aware of your rights, what you can expect and what you can reasonably negotiate for. “There’s a huge gray area where people on both sides [employees and employers] want to do the right thing, but they don’t know how,” says attorney Tom Spiggle, author of the new book […]

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